Roughly from 11am to 9pm daily the live cam will be operational.  It is a motion sensitive Logitech cam so it will occassionly follow the action... or at least try to.

The live cam updates a file every 10 seconds which you can see by clicking HERE.  It is a web page that should refresh automatically to keep up with the action.

What you will see is Red, a 3 year old male prairie dog.  During the day he mainly sleeps but takes breaks to eat and run in his wheel.  If the camera is able to follow him you can see him in the main cage where he will enjoy a meal up top and do his business below.  The tubes that come out of this cage go to his sleeping cage which is directly to the right and often the camera will follow him there.  You can see him curled up in a ball in the far right or more often sprawled out on his back in the nest he's made with pillow cases, t-shirts, socks, and any other items he steals.  The tube that connects to the lower part of the main cage runs around to a 3rd cage where his large running wheel is located along with a large digging chamber.  That cage is unfortunetly not viewable by the camera.  That last place that Red will go if he is scared is the box on the top right of the main cage.  He can climb in there to hide from the evils of the world (usually the vacuum cleaner).  

Red's Main Cage
Here you can see the cage where Red can get a bite to eat, and stare back at the camera looking at him.

Red's Wheel Cage
Here is the cage that red will go to if he wants to run in his wheel, do a little digging down below, or if someone is home (or we accidently forget to lock him in) he can get out of the cage.  Whether it be climbing onto the bed to do a little tamping or jumping down to the floor to find stuff to get into this is his way out. 

Red's Sleeping Cage
Lastly we have the cage where Red will sleep at night.  He's made it easy on himself by moving his bed closer and closer to his bathroom which is the tray to the left. 

If you want to send an email to Red simply send it to and he'll get your fan mail!